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2017 Maserati Granturismo

It’s not often that we get to look backwards and forwards at a car, at the same time.  There are many car makers that have a rich history, and some founded on turmoil.  I love the story about Masterati for a few reasons.  It’s like a family.  A new generation of car that looks forward to a new generation, but it’s steeped deep in a long lineage of masterpiece automobiles and design.  And this champion itself is a long running stud, with 7 years of virtually unchanged production.

Why didn’t it change?  It didn’t need to.

I’ve wanted to drive one for 5 years now.  I finally have the chance to share my excitement about this car.  Masterati, to me, is one of the most exciting car makers.  It is growing.  And it is growing fast.  It’s exciting because it’s growing outside of convention, when it comes to it’s driver.

You see, Maserati is a man’s car.  It’s also a woman’s car.  Older gentlemen, younger women.  Classy professional women, and young men.  I must admit I do know a couple of people who drive (honestly, they live for) Maserati.  It’s like it’s the car with no boundaries.  One friend is a yoga instructor and spiritual coach.  Another is a finance executive.  You see, Maserati is just that good.

The Granturismo is special.

7 years now (I might be off by 1 year when I write this, but you know I’m not a mechanic), the Granturismo has hardly been changed.  It has, of course, been updated and it has kept up with technology over the last 7 years.  But fundamentally, the Granturismo hasn’t need to change.  Suspension, power plant and all of it’s guts are just that good.

It’s a special car, that needs to be experienced.  Extremely well balanced weight pushes the car through tight turns as well as it does along straight highway.  Luxurious interior gives you both luxury, quality and a sporty fresh feel.  It’s not old, but it’s still familiar.  I’m not a mechanic.  I won’t quote you horsepower and ratio.  But I will tell you that the exhaust is exhilarating.  Oh dear, that sound.  Deep throaty tough car, in a graceful and light package.  Set it to purr quietly, or open it up and set off car alarms.  You haven’t driven, until you’ve hear this car.  It’s the rebel part, of this family.

And my favorite part, it’s a Ferrari engine.

Yup.  Most people don’t know that. This is the family part.  Look down the long line of Ferrari lineage, and you see the future of these automobiles.  It’s like the golden grand-child of the family.  Set to take the best parts of the family history, and blaze a new and innovative path into a whole new generation.

Now picture yourself in one.

It’s with great pleasure that I share this car, with the opportunity to not online drive one, but own one.

Full House Lottery (website below) is offering up the early bird prize of a 2017 Maserati GranTurismo +  a downtown condo.  The car itself, as noted for this prize, is valued over $200,000.  Total prize is $656,873.

Do yourself a favor and win this car.  So you can do a few things, a big one is to drive it.  Another big one is to share it and drive around your friends in it.  And not only that, you get to help out others with the Full House Lottery.

After all, it’s all about family, isn’t it?

BUY TICKETS HERE: https://www.fullhouse.ca/checkout/tickets/

Learn more about the Early Bird Prize (2017 Lottery) Here: https://www.fullhouse.ca/earlybird/

Learn more about the Full House Lottery here: https://www.fullhouse.ca

Learn more about the Maserati GranTurismo here: http://www.maserati.ca/maserati/ca/en/models/granturismo

Thank you to Maserati of Alberta, visit them here: http://maseratiofalberta.com/main.php

Some quick notes about the FULL HOUSE Lottery.  It’s not just an Edmonton thing, it’s an Alberta thing.

  • This is the 24th year of Full House Lottery
  • Full House Lottery raises money to support the Royal Alexandra HospitalFoundation and University Hospital Foundation
  • In the previous 23 years, Full House Lottery has raised over $73 million towards the growing needs of Albertans in critical areas such as cardiac MRI technology, brain care, robotic surgery, neonatal intensive care, cardiac care, organ transplantations and advanced medical research
  • This year, proceeds from Full House Lottery ticket sales will support a PET Scanner at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the Stroke Ambulance at the University Hospital Foundation

Early Bird Deadline is May 7, 2017.  Final Deadline is June 8 2017.

Full House Early Bird Condo

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