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2013 Land Rover LR4

There are many great cars available to today’s consumer… but it’s quite possible this SUV can be called Calgary’s Perfect Car.

Once you drive it, you’ll get it.  The LR4 from Land Rover Calgary offers everything you need for a Calgary winter and snow.  Play in the mountains with no stress.  Roll up to valet parking with pride.  Tow your boat in the summer, and use the lowering suspension to fit it into your parkade.

If you’re like me, you have per-conceived ideas about what a Land Rover really is.  Turns out I can proudly say I was very wrong.  I always thought it was a real off-road non-comfortable car that tried to pass itself off as a luxury car.  This notion is VERY wrong.  While it still is perfect for the “outdoorsy” people, you don’t have to be a hippy to enjoy this car.  Luxury is the name of the game.  And I mean luxury… here are some of the highlights I enjoyed.

  • heated steering wheel
  • auto dimming bright headlights
  • 3 moon roofs
  • heated windshield (it’s way less work that the fan defrost!)
  • raise and lower suspension

I was lucky for my use of the LR4, I squeezed in a DJ show in Banff… and interview with singer K-OS, sunny day highway 2 driving and then hockey games and loading it with gear.  Simple fact is, Mommy doesn’t need to drive a mini-van anymore.  Now she can do it in style, and 4wd safety… and maybe once in awhile not feel so much like a Mommy while out with her friends for an evening.  Nice work Land Rover… very nice work.

The finer details:
Make – Land Rover
Model – LR4
Year – 2013
Trim – tbc
MSRP – $tbc
Test drive info – approx 600km, highway drive, 3 days.

Thanks to Land Rover Calgary for the test drive!

2013 Land Rover Calgary LR4

Filled it with DJ Gear… and it doesn’t even look full!

2013 Land Rover Calgary LR4

Looks like a great day to head to the Rocky Mountains!





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