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2012 Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

Pleasant.  That’s what this car is.  It’s pleasant.  You get exactly what you should in this cute little Honda.  I think this car is specifically for those who want to drive something compact and fuel efficient like a Civic but need a hatch. 

Cute car!  Well styled, and I loved the minimalistic dash approach.  In the past where Honda has had TOO many buttons, this is great!  Good on gas (says the dash reading) and fun to zip in and out of traffic.  While I was driving the Fit I really found that it’s a great downtown car.  In and around parking and traffic easily, and just fun.  I think the only really “bad” thing is that I found the volume knob and the heating fan knobs in the opposite places for some reason.  More than once I turned up the fan when I wanted to listen to a favorite song on KooL 101.5, or I turned down the radio when the AC had cooled me enough LOL!

Thanks to Calgary Honda for the Test Drive!


2012 Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

2012 Honda Odyssey

There is one thing in life I promised myself I would never do.  Own a minivan.

Is it possible that I was wrong?  This CAN’T BE!  If you’re going to buy a minivan, you’re likely looking for the best value.  Typically, because the Odyssey really is the minivan leader, there can be cheaper alternatives.  But if you look at depreciation, overall value and resale, in most cases you’ll land as Odyssey as the best value – Big Picture.

Calgary Honda Odyssey

Calgary Honda Odyssey


I have a little rule, if you can fall in love with a base-model, you love the car.  In this case, I drove the base Odyssey and really did love it.  It has all the prerequisites of a mini van… it fits kids, has room for hockey backs, backpacks and golf clubs.  It’s comfortable for long drives, and it’s good on fuel.  Not not mention you’ll FEEL extremely cool, when you park at the Zoo with all of the other minivans!



Overall, if you’ve thought you were not a minivan person, re-think this.  It’s quite possible that you were right, about OLD minivans.  The vans of today are much better and much different.

Calgary Honda Odyssey

Calgary Honda Odyssey

Some details about the Odyssey.  It has all the jam you need to race around town, and weave in and out of traffic.  You do have to remind yourself it’s a van.  Tons of space, and lots of floors space which makes clean up even easier.  A new simplified radio console (FINALLY!  THANK YOU HONDA) makes it a much better control panel.  Although, I did find the volume knob and the fan control are in the wrong spots… those could be swapped around.  That seems a little silly!



Give the Calgary Honda Odyssey shot.  You might change your mind… just a little bit 😉  I know, it can be a hard concept to grab… just go ahead, try it.  All the cool kids are doing it.

2011 Honda Pilot

Go Family!  While the Honda Pilot hasn’t really seen many changes over the years it’s bee with us, it has so many hidden gems that haven’t really received any credit yet!  So many “Car Enthusiasts” say the Pilot is stale and in dire need of a reinvention.  While it would be exciting to see some new styling changes… it doesn’t define this SUV.  Besides… how can you be a car enthusiast if all you do is be un-enthusiatic about things?  I think that makes you a critic…

I digress.

I vote Pilot.  Automatic gates, backup cameras.  3 rows of seats, that fold down and still fits hockey bags.  WIN!  Go Family!  Great fuel economy… TV with DVD for this kids.  Did you know the that the control panel for the back-seat entertainment system actually pops out and becomes a remote control?  It’s true.  Stop being critical of a proven body style when this SUV continues to win over all others… and the list goes on!  Easy access 12V DC power all over the place.  Perfect for charging anything, keeping a cooler cold for family trips or pumping up air mattresses for camping.  120V standard inside the car?  Be a super parent and throw in the Playstation for the trip, or even charge your iPad.

Calgary Honda let me borrow a Certified Pre-Owned Honda for this one.  I really like doing that, it gives such good perspective on driving cars.  Everything NEW is impressive.  I think when something USED is impressive, that’s a winner.  Great test drive, and if buying a BRAND NEW PILOT isn’t in your price range, see if you can swing one that is a couple years older.  For everyone who says it needs a facelift… the good news for you is… you’ll still have a “NEW-LOOKING” Pilot to drive around if you buy a used one… the styling is still the same.  So start shopping!


2012 Honda CR-V

The all new CR-V!  How exciting!  It seems that ever since the Superbowl commercials about this new car, excitement has been swirling!  And it should be!

First things first, before we get to the new body styling, I have to tell you about the new entertainment console.  FINALLY Honda has removed some buttons!  For the past few years, the Honda Console has looked more like the flight deck of an A-380 Airbus Jet-liner than it did a car.  Thank you Honda!  But I still have a suggestion for you

2012 CRV Interior

2012 CRV Interior

 (like they’re actually listening to my blog, but hey, it’s worth a shot!), read on… it’s at the end of this blog.

The new 2012 Honda CR-V from Calgary Honda is a little bigger than we’ve seen, but it’s kinda smaller too!  Easy release rear seats let you load in big items (and I did, an entire wedding DJ rig) into the back gate.  Nice touch!  The back deck is lower too, making it easier for our shorter brothers and sisters to load into the back too.  The overall shape I have dubbed “wagonized” as a generalization in the industry.  It’s lower, and bigger in the back with more room to put stuff.  It looks more like a wagon.  It seems to be a strong trend in all small SUV class cars.

More horsepower, and better fuel economy make this a way better car to drive.  The extra punch makes this a very “perky” drive.  Definately not as conservative acceleration that Honda has been known for.  The new ECON function also helps you with fuel economy and teaches you new driving techniques for driving for better fuel economy.  The CR-V has one function on this “Learn to drive” trend in new cars, it turns off when you punch it.  So, unlike most cars that LOCK into economy mode for improved fuel economy, the 2012 CR-V recognizes when you’re hammering the throttle (IE, in danger or in need of wicked highway punch) and turns off the ECON mode.  Slow clap for you Honda!  Well done!

I’m not sure all ladies with big purses are going to like the changes to the center console in the new CR-V.  One nice thing about the older model is that there was just open floor between the front seats.  Nice to put a large bag or backpack.  It’s probably safer now, and it certainly looks nicer, but I’m not sure larger purses are going to fit in the new center console.

And now, my improvement I offer to Honda.  You’ve put in this gorgeous new entertainment system, THANK YOU!  The backup camera is a nice feature, but the quality is extrememly grainy and I found it hard to distinguish some items in it.  Somewhat counter-produictive, but making backup cameras available in all models is a huge leap forward.  But the images on the NAV/screen are rediculously bad.  In a world today where high resolution, cool graphics are everywhere on the internet, I’m not sure why Honda would select the poorly crafter images they have for the “clock” and “radio” screen, but they’re bad.  Short of saying they look like a grade 4 class computer art project, they’re really ugly and bad.  Which, overall is kinda mircro-managing it I think.  But still, Honda has an amazing car here, I just don’t understand how this detail gets over-looked.

Overall, I’d vote this as my absolute favorite CR-V to date.  It dwarfs all old models of the car, without a doubt.  Thanks to Calgary Honda for the test drive!  What a huge leap forward for both Honda and the CR-V.  It makes me very excited to see what’s coming in the new CIVIC and ACCORD next year!

2011 Honda Ridgeline


Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

Oh how excited am I?  I like trucks.  And for the last 3 years of building CalgaryCarGuy.com I’ve driven many Hondas.  There are 2 that I still (after ALL THESE CARS) have not driven.  1 is the Honda S2000… which, ended in production many years ago… but still, it looks so amazing and fans of the S2000 are SO dedicated!  But, I digress.  That’s not my point on this blog.  Maybe I’m trying to hint at my friends a Calgary Honda… today’s blog is for the Ridgeline.

My DJ partner in my company Funky Monkey DJ Company Jeff has an 09 Ridgeline, and he loves it.  It’s a small truck, but is very sleek and unique.  Hello?  A tub UNDER the box with a drain so you can tailgate?  Honda is after my heart.

Let’s try to crush a couple of rumors first.  According to my sources within Honda, question 1: Will Honda CUT the Ridgeline?  Answer is reported as a definate NO.  The Ridgeline has not been a massive success.  It’s a smaller truck with a 5000lbs towing capacity… nothing huge in the land of trucks.  In fact, there are many small SUV’s that can tow that weight.  It seems Honda recognizes that there is a need for this truck in the market.  Question 2: If it’s not getting cut, when is the Ridgeline getting a redesign?  Sources say 2015, I’m saying 2014 for the new body.  But I have no facts to back that up other that this.  Civic is done, so is Accord.  CRZ is done, CRV is new in 2012 and the only 2 cars left are the Pilot and Ridgeline which have essentially not changed in almost a decade.

Here’s my guess, Pilot goes in 2013 for overhaul redesign and Ridgeline in 2015.  In the meantime, some notes of items that will attract you to the Ridgeline include:

Unique Styling – The Ridgeline doesn’t conform to boring modelling inside the truck.  It still has unique shapes, handles and panelling inside.  Mind you, good luck finding the door handle in the dark LOL.  It’s definately different.

Fuel Economy – I had a friend (who drives 2008 BMW X5, like he should talk) say “Too bad it’s a pig on gas” when he passed me in an alley in downtown Calgary.  Here’s where I disagree… is it good on gas?  Not really, but it’s a TRUCK!  It’s not aerodynamic… it’s a TRUCK!  Here’s what you get though, 5000lbs towing takes care of small cargo trailers, tent trailers and hybrid RV’s.  I wouldn’t pull huge on it for simply the counter balance weight facts alone.  But compare it to the Tundra I drive.  It’s not good on gas either, and it can pull almost 11,000lbs.  Respecting the size of the vehicles in this comparison, it’s rather balanced.  No, it’s not going to cause oil stocks to plummet due to efficiency.  No, I wouldn’t recommend commuting in it.  But, if you like small towing, mountain trips with bicycles in the back seat, tent camping or sea-dooing… it’s excellent.  Yes, Fuel Economy is reasonable.  Could it be better?  Definately.

Technology – Honda has been slow on technology but has changed that in 2011 and 2012. Very competitive.  I’ve shared my thoughts that Honda’s media consoles over the last few years as they are guilty of being TOO busy with TOO many buttons.  Ridgeline doesn’t have that.  Simple Console, with and without NAV.

Would Calgary Car Guy Buy It?  Yes and No.  Sorry for sitting on the fence.  Understand, I tow a 34′ RV Trailer.  That is why I say No.  If you take that fact OUT of my decision, I’d be a yes.  Small box, but the towing capacity allows you to take bigger things.  Overall, I’m a YES for the Ridgeline

Total Rating 4/5  Easily.  Can’t wait for new styling though.

To see how I base my ratings for vehicles, I base them on my life.  Simple.  See my perspective and understand how I see it.  Thanks to Calgary Honda for the test drive.  Please choose them, the customer service is second to none.  Ask for Anthony or Nivi.

2010 Honda Crosstour

This car needed to go to work!  This week the 2010 Honda Crosstour is also the week of Calgary’s “White Hat Awards” at the Jubilee Auditorium.   It’s my pleasure to be invited as the DJ for the show, how exciting!  The catch was, we had 2 DJ rigs for the show (one for the cocktail after party, and one for the main theatre award show)… I had the Honda Crosstour from Calgary Honda… and I was a little afraid it wasn’t going to fit! 

Well, I was wrong.  NO PROBS!  The Honda Crosstour is very typical Honda, tight and easy to drive.  It’s a little hard to see backwards with the big fat butt it has, but it’s everything you expect a Honda to be, without driving your parents’ station wagon.  Please excuse my bad parking job in the first pic!  LOL

2011 Calgary Honda Crosstour

2011 Calgary Honda Crosstour 2011 Calgary Honda Crosstour

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