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2012 BMW X1

This is Calgary’s Car… or SUV.. or wagon.. or whatever it is.

Seriously, I think this should officially be Calgary’s car.  It’s fancy, but still kinda blue collar.  It’s classy but still a little fun to get dirty.  It likes the snow and the mountains, and can probably go a little too fast at times.  And, it’s definitely nicer than others in it’s class.

See, people in Calgary have access to jobs, we suffer from unpredictable weather and typically  although we like to have nice things, we’re still a sucker for a good deal.  One of the best parts of the X1 is the program to purchase behind it.  Over that last few years, BMW has consistantly had great interest rate incentives to buy this car.  Not because it doesn’t sell, it’s because people who drive the X1 like to keep it classy, but need to keep it real financially too.

Take one for a drive, and with the slight adjustments to the body styling of 2012, the front end makes the hood look a little lower and aggressive, and front bumper skirting is more agressive too.  HUGE sunroof and now sporty rims that make it less like a little car, and more like the X5’s littlest brother.  Fun and fast, I actually recommend you don’t go with the NAV in this car.  For me, it’s the traditional BMW console that you get with it.  NAV is nice, but the interior of the X1 still kicks the old school look and function of the radio.  With all the technology in cars today, I really appreciate the simplicity of it.  And it sounds the same, big loud and boomy.  Wicked.  My only negative about the 2012 X1 is that BMW hasn’t replaced that gawd-aweful cruise control function they’ve had over the last few years in it yet.  Maybe next year, as the 3 and 5 series cars all have the new cruise system.

Thanks to the BMW Gallery for the drive!

2012 BMW X1Interior

2012 BMW X1Interior

2012 BMW 535

My goal here was to talk about word “accomplishment” with this BMW 535.  See, I think I finally “got it” for this car… it’s more than just a car, it’s an accomplishment.  Not to damper that with adding the word “functional” at it, but it’s very true. 2012 BMW 535

Before we begin, here is some “geek” about this car that is very important.  It’s an inline 6 cylinder
(thanks RYAN for the edit!), and with an 8 speed transmission it shifts a LOT, but you’d only notice it if you actually watch the TAC.  The result is accessible power at all times from the single turbo (with twin scroll and 90% peak torque available at 1200 rpm).  Normally, I don’t blog tech specs because I’m really not that guy, but in this case it really is important for the car. (Thanks Neill for the stats!)

When you graduate your car driving experience to the BMW 535, you have accomplished something.  And I don’t only mean financially. You’ve accomplished a very distinct level of taste.  Interior trim and the new lines of the 2012 BMW 535 on the outside, the body sits back a little more, longer feeling hood and more agressive stance.  A balance of luxury and power.

That was my original topic for this blog on the BMW 535.  Then came last night’s driving experience.  Normally, I’m a daytime driver… home to work to errands to home.  Boring and normal.  Last night my driving kept me out a little later, and I drove the car at night.  Not only at night, through a very large and active thunderstorm.  So, that being said, it gave me some different notes to share!

Interior lighting in the car is quite simply beautiful.  Orange LED’s (typical BMW colors) light all your consoles and functions so you can see them clearly.  Not too bright to reflect in your windows.  Headlights clear as day, and driving into a massive thunderstorm with simply turning on the automatic wipers.  Pouring rain, no need to slow drastically, the larger BMW 535 is so stable, it didn’t feel “wet” on the road at all!  I tried to roll down the windows so I could hear the thunder, and that’s when I realized how quiet the cabin really is for this car.  I hate to say it, while the 535 is in my opinion the NICEST BMW to date, it almost looks better in the dark.  If you take one for a test drive, try getting it at night. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Thanks to Calgary BMW for the test drive!

2012 BMW 535

2012 BMW 535

2011 BMW x1 SAV

“Oh, that’s cute!” was the comment from my wife when I brought this little car home. I do think this one is a little more “girly” and definitely more green and efficient too. BMW x1 SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) really is great for the commuter. One thing I’ve learned over the years buying cars, is that it’s Continue reading

2011 BMW X6 Hybrid

2011 BMW X6 Hybrid is amazing BMW quality, with the progressive development of Hybrid technology.  In the case of BMW, it’s special, with the Active Hybrid contributing power constantly to help improve fuel economy.  I love the look of this SUV but Continue reading

2011 BMW 1.28i

011 BMW 1.28i from Calgary BMW.  This car I asked for.  I’ve seen the 1 Series BMW around, but haven’t had the chance to drive one.  Now THIS is a cool car.  It’s a little small for me, being taller than 6′.  But I still fit comfortably, that’s for sure.  Reliable old BMW keeps the interior simple and black.  I think the back seat is more of a formality.. you ain’t gonna fit nobody tall back there!  But really, do you want a backseat driver?  All the more reason to leave your inlaws at home!

Fun and fast, my wife Cheryl fell in love with this one when she saw it.  It’s very fast and peppy, and the reality is you won’t get any other car that goes that fast and handles THAT well in a small 2 door coupe.  It rained this week with the BMW 1.28, and after I was done with the car, I turned my nose up at “intermittant wipers” forever.  The new BMW’s have the wiper sensor that you turn on, and it automatically knows when to clean your windshield!  How novel.  I thought it was rather pretentious until I got back into my old 2000 VW I drive… and proceeded to lecture my wipers for not doing the same.

2011 Calgary BMW 128i
2011 Calgary BMW 128i2011 Calgary BMW 128i

Thanks to Calgary BMW for the test drive! 

2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe

This is a nice start, heh?  I wish Mother Nature would co-operate though.  I just got the Z home, when the snow started.  So now I’m stuck.. summer tires on a car with TOO much horsepower for snow and slush! 

This is a VERY fun car.  6 Speed Manual, you definately FEEL cool in this car.  That’s probably up for discussion though… Anyway, moving in.  Driving around in a mini-batmobile is fun.  BMW is unmatched in quality, as always.  Strangely enough, this car was very easy to drive the speed limit.  It just works well for city driving.  Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t speed at least a LITTLE bit in it 🙂

It’s a sports car, it’s not practical at all.  Although it has no backseat, it does have the child restraint hooks in the passenger seat.  So, you COULD fulfill your parental duties in it.  I think the biggest thing to say about this Z4 M Coupe, is that if this is a 2006 (approx 40K), then I’m definately interested in the “Certified Series BMW” that Calgary BMW has to offer! 

Calgary BMW 2006 Z4 M Coupe

Calgary BMW 2006 Z4 M Coupe

Thanks to Calgary BMW for the test drive!

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