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2010 Aston Martin Rapide

The big question here is simple, does Aston Martin have a future in the family car world?  The answer (IMHO) is yes, if they stick to it.  There seems to be a little opposite design happening in this car.

The great news is, it’s amazing to drive.  It’s fun, it’s basically a 4 door DB9.  So, V12… it’s a rocket and fun to drive.  The benefit, you end up with a little more room for things like groceries.  This basically means you’d be the coolest errand-runner in history.

To save some reading, to know how this car performs, simply read my 2010 Aston Martin DB9 post.  For this one, my comments are simple – to talk about the 4-door portion of this cars design.  The car has room for bigger people, that’s nice.  The rear doors have cylinder assist on them, which makes them even easier to use.  The seats, on the other hand are skinny.  They’re comfortable, for your butt… but they don’t fit a booster seat if you have young kids.  Which begs my questions on the opposites here.  Why is the car designed with DVD screens for the rear seats, if it’s not designed to fit smaller children.  If they want this car to actually appeal to families, Aston Martin is going to need to make those seats a little wider.  The only other thing to note is that while the Rapide has those DVD screens, and they’re controllable from the front… It’s essentially the same stereo panel that comes standard in all their cars.  Which, is mean for simple use (IE, turn up the radio or pop in a CD).  It’s not very good for scrolling on the tiny LCD screen to the options to control a DVD player.  In the world of “Distracted driving legislation” I’m not sure the DVD system is a success.  But, it works and it’s great.

Overall, this car itself is a thumbs up.  If you want to drive the powerful Aston Martin but still be able to take your kids comfortably, this car is a win.  But for smaller children in booster seats, it’s unfortunately 1 for the loss column.

But holy cow is it fun to drive.  And it looks amazing.


20101 Aston Martin Rapide trunk

20101 Aston Martin Rapide trunk

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