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2018 Audi R8

Wow. Is wow enough for a blog post.  Because that’s really it.  Wow.

the R8 is a bit of a dreamer car for most of us.  Most dealerships might have one in the showroom, and it’s not like we can walk in, kick the tires and say, “can we take it for a ride?”.  It would be nice if they were as accessible as a Corolla, but then the R8 wouldn’t be special, would it?

The RS line of Audi does have similar trim accents inside.  A racing steering wheel with the start button right on the wheel.  There is no big navigation screen like you see in most cars today.  Everything is right on the dash board, and it’s all digital.  This allows simple use of features like the radio, nav, climate and everything with sleek knobs and buttons.  I think this, it seems way more efficient.

When I drove the R8, I went through a construction zone, and everyone working stopped.  The “WOOOOOOOW” in slow motion, it seems as one fella elbows his buddy to take a look.  Get ready to make an impression; in the R8 it’s all eyes on you.

I like big butts and I cannot lie… it’s true.  The wide back end on the Audi R8, to me, is the nicest backside on a car ever.  It’s tough, strong, and confident.  The R8 is really the only “race car” looking supercar available.  Probably only in that street car category with a MacLaren, the R8 looks like you should probably be on the track instead.  And it drives that way.  For a guy who speaks for a living, I really am at a loss for words on the R8.  It’s not a car.  It’s a feeling.  And it’s a feeling that you need to experience.

Here’s what an R8 feels like.  It feels successful.  It feels like, “I’m a kickass successful money making ninja, that earned $350K extra this month so I gave $100,000 to charity on my way to buy myself this car to play in”.  It feels like “I’m a badass manly man and should probably be on my way to an Old Spice commercial to star in it”.  It feels like, “I’m so successful I’m just going wear a t-shirt and a hoodie in my amazing R8 and run to the store for milk.  Then I’m going home to build something out of wood before I go golfing”.

I’m not sure what a woman would feel like in this car, but I imagine it also being something like that too.  Maybe you can tell me how that feels.

Regardless, the lesson here is simple.  1 – never turn down a chance to drive an R8.  2 – go kick some ass, be generous, kind and successful.  3 – share your car with others and take them for rides.  Especially in slow motion through construction zones.

Thank you to Audi Royal Oak and the Audi Canada Sport Tour

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