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About the Car Guy

Most people know me as just “Zack”.  I’m a DJ.  What?  A DJ?  It’s true… in my business we joke about “Stupid DJ” as some people refer to us.  It’s really OK… kinda funny, really.  Much like Happy Gilmour and the line “UH-OH Happy learned how to putt!”… Uh-oh, this DJ loves cars… and has studied them for decades.

But please understand what I’ve studied…

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Car Buying Tips

Every time you go in to purchase a new (to you) car, there is always something you wish you could have done better.  Over the years, I’ve tried to note all of the screw ups I have made while purchasing vehicles.  For example, I so fell in love with a 1983 VW Cabrio, I didn’t even test drive it!  I forgot.  I knew the car, I had owned a similar one!  Why would I drive it?  Well.. that was stupid.  

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Calgary Car Dealers

This website wouldn’t be possible without the support of the many Calgary New and USed Car Dealerships that advertise with us and allow us to borrow their cars for a few days!

While we try to get our hands on all brands, some are more difficult than others to get into.  Most of our test drives are Dealer supported, but some are not. 

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